We love Elderberries! They’re incredibly healthy and crazy good for your immune system, delicious as a syrup or flower tincture, and are easy to grow in Northeast Ohio. In fact, they’re a native plant around here, which we love.


We produce fresh elderberries here on the farm, from our over 400 elderberry bushes. We’re experimenting with producing elderberry syrup, freeze-dried and dehydrated elderberries, elderberry flower tinctures, teas and vinegars, and always on the lookout for unique ways to use these nutritional powerhouses for food and medicine.


Interested in growing your own? We provide cuttings early each spring, and potted (rooted!) cuttings throughout the year, up to two-year-old plants.

Here are our growing guides for both cuttings and potted plants:

We are always available to answer any questions you might have about planting, maintaining, or harvesting your elderberries. Just email us with your questions, or reach out on Facebook or Instagram.

We send out alerts each spring when we have cuttings available – they go fast! – and occasionally send out elderberry product announcements and usage ideas for you. Sign up here to get on the elderberry list!

"All Things Elderberries"

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