Spring is just around the corner

It’s been a month since I last posted, and while our discipline has paid off in a number of ways, we’ve still got a week to go before we’re moved in. Here are some highlights from the last few weeks.

Since very little is growing yet, we’ve been able to put off many of the outside maintenance tasks that we know will be coming with spring. We’ve invested in a zero-turn mower, so at least the acres of grass will be covered until we can get fencing and grass-consuming animals in. The pond is showing lots of life, but mostly fry, frogs and turtles are evident in the clear spring water. The river is back to normal level after a very wet month, and is clearing up. I expect to see an upsurge of kayakers now that the weather has turned warmer. Birds and squirrels are abundant, and we see evidence of deer, rabbits and groundhogs, the latter of which we’re not happy about. DD spotted a bald eagle roosting across the river the other day. All those dead trees are gone, with just a bit of brush left to shred or burn in a campfire one of these nights.

Our house is coming along too. Most all the painting and cleaning is done, so this week we’ll be slowing moving things in, with a final push this coming weekend. We still have some inside issues with our well water that need addressed, and I’ve mostly finished rewiring the office area from it’s ancient non-grounded electrics. Once both of those are completed we’ll have RO water to drink and I’ll be working from home. Re the 80/20 rule – we’ve completed the 80% now, the remaining 20% may well take another year. 🙂 But we’re clearly at the end of the tunnel, and anxious to be out of our tiny apartment.

Several garlic and onion beds have been dug and filled, and other decorative / perennial beds are in development. The original greenhouse is going to get a new roof and its glass repaired soon, since seedlings are desperate for a place to grow. In the meantime, our first batch of heritage chicks have arrived and are taking up residence there.

We’ve been spending so much time at the farm, but our contact with other folks – besides immediate neighbors – has been limited. We’re anxious to meet all of you, indeed our whole village. First visit to the Chilling Station last night, woo hoo! A sure sign of spring. It will be nice to see uncovered faces again!

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