Fools Rush In…

…where angels fear to tread, so the saying goes. We’re no fools, and angels don’t fear what we’re going to do, but it sure feels like we’re rushing in. Things have been brought to a head and we need to make some decisions tonight about our farm design.

We brought a large number of plants and bushes in pots, bags and containers, all needing a home. Most are perennials. Our thinking was that we’d work on this Permaculture Workshop and come out with a comprehensive design that would direct our work for a year or so. Started well, but it’s become increasingly complicated and time-consuming, difficult to schedule our families, and the design seems to be somewhat inflexible do to the infrastructure and geography constraints, to the point that it’ll be another month before we finish the workshop, and well into planting season.

I made the suggestion to the group that since we all understand the basic principles of permaculture, understand the limitations that we’re currently dealing with, and the urgency of getting plants into the ground, that we all sit down and plan out our initial zones and Areas – at least for the foreseeable future – and come to agreement on enough detail to begin laying out beds or swales right away.

We’d already completed outlining our goals and vision, and done the site assessment, so I printed out our property map from Google Earth poster-size, and we’re about to get into it. I’ll post the results after we’re done!

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