Blessed Christmas

It’s a quiet Christmas Eve night on the farm, just the wife and I. Our daughter had 2 cello gigs (Parkside Green and Lyndhurst Community Presbyterian) this evening, but I’m sure she’s on the way home. Gigs often conflict with home gatherings on holidays; that’s the life of a musician-farmer. I was not feeling well, so we stayed home instead of traveling to a service, so we we able to watch both the Parkside Green service and the Parkside Main one. We were encouraged, and hope that all you who are reading this were celebrating with us as we remembered the birth of Christ Jesus.

Seed catalogs continue to arrive, and we’ll be making crop plans in the next month or so. Kinda new at this; if you’re in a talkative mood, why not leave a note in our Contact page and let us know what you’d like to see us grow and sell at the Mantua Farmer’s Market, or face-to-face. It’s likely you will see us one or more other farmer’s markets in our area. We’ve got a large crop of garlic ready to harvest this spring, and we anticipate eggs, greens and other vegetables too.

The weather was certainly warm today. What happened to that very cold winter that was predicted? Coming in January-March, I suspect. We’ll enjoy the days as they are, though. Cold winter days are perfect for thinking, planning, and reading. I’ve gotten a number of books this holiday, and several of us are also working on an online farming course that should help us organize our work this year.

All for now. Hope you all are enjoying the holidays!

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