Got Kale?

You might be thinking, “Here go the kale fanatics again…”. But today I’m not even going to mention why kale is so good for you. Or that it has more vitamin C than an entire orange. Or contains high amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin which protect your eyes from blue light damage, or contains all the daily bone-building vitamin K you need in a single cup (which is like, a quarter-cup cooked, right?). Nope, not gonna talk about that stuff.


Instead, let’s talk about how Kale Tastes Great! While by itself it’s a bit bitter, it’s a really good companion in so many dishes. Here on the farm we use it fresh and frozen in all manner of stir-fries, casseroles, salads and soups. Even so, it it often takes a back seat to the other recipe ingredients. 


So, here are several recipes we really enjoy that really showcase this great salad green. We especially enjoy them when we have an abundance of kale. 

Recipe: Kale and Mango Salad

We first heard of massaging kale from Aarti Sequeira on her Aarti Party Food Network show. Massaging kale helps to wilt and soften the texture of kale leaves by breaking up cell walls mechanically. The olive oil also dissolves the waxy cuticle on the leaves, allowing the cells underneath to acquire some controlled damage, thereby softening them. The result is pre-softened kale that’s tender and crisp, a perfect companion to the fresh mango and dressing.

1 bunch kale (stalks removed, roughly chopped)

Drizzle of good olive oil

Two-finger pinch of salt


1 lemon, juiced (acid)

2 t honey (an emulsifier)

Freshly ground black pepper

1/4 cup good olive oil

1 mango, diced small (sub. peaches, mandarin oranges or other soft fruit)


In a large bowl (this can get a little messy), add the kale, oil and salt. Massage for a couple of minutes, and then let sit while you wash your hands. Take your time preparing the dressing while the kale softens.


Whisk the lemon juice, honey, and pepper. Slowly add the oil, whisking until emulsified. Pour over the kale, and stir in your mangos or other fruit. Keep cold until serving for the best refreshing summer salad.

Recipe: Instant Pot Yellow Rice with Chicken and Kale

This is a super simple, super satisfying one-pot meal that’s a regular in the menu rotation at our house.


1# boneless skinless chicken thighs or breasts

1 cup water


2 cups white rice

1 onion, diced

3 Tbsp good olive oil

1 tsp each salt, turmeric, garlic, cumin and paprika

1/2 tsp each pepper and cinnamon


1 bunch kale, ribs removed (optional), chopped


Place the chicken in the instant pot with 1 cup water. Cook on high pressure for 3 minutes, and then let the pressure release naturally for 15 minutes. Release any remaining pressure, set the chicken aside to cool briefly, then dice. Pour the liquid from the instant pot into a measuring cup and fill with water to 2 1/2 cups.


Put the diced chicken and the remaining ingredients into the instant pot. Pour the liquid over the top and stir, then place the kale on top. Cook on high pressure for 1 minute, and then allow the pressure to release naturally for 13 minutes. Release any remaining pressure, stir and serve.

Recipe: Oven-Baked Kale Chips

The idea is simple – roast your oiled and seasoned kale in the oven until dry. These chips are addictive and full of flavor! We like to sprinkle on a good balsamic vinegar before baking, but you can add just about whatever herbs or spices you like, for a healthy (oops!) deliciously crispy and tasty guilt-free snack.


1 bunch kale (thick stalks removed, torn into several pieces)

1-2 Tbsp good olive oil

Freshly ground salt and black pepper

Light drizzle of balsamic vinegar


Preheat your oven to 300F. In a large bowl (this can get a little messy), add the kale, oil and seasoning. Work oil into all leaves evenly, no need to massage. [note: You could do this all in a large ziplock bag as well]


Spread in a single layer on a baking sheet, and bake for at least 20-25 minutes, until all the kale leaves are crispy. You want to remove all the moisture in the kale so it keeps longer. Though in our house, it doesn’t last more than a few days!


Experiment with different flavor combinations:
* vinegar, sugar, garlic powder, cayenne powder

* dried oregano, za’atar

* garlic powder, paprika, red pepper

* onion powder, dried parsley, sugar, dried basil, garlic powder, dried thyme


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