About Us

The property known as Maple Dell has a storied history back to the late 1800’s, and was most recently purchased on January 2021 by the Thorn family. Although currently a residential property, it does have a commercial history, including a conference center, school, and a greenhouse and florist business. It also has at one time included agricultural uses such as raising cows, daylilies and maple sugaring.

We are christening it Maple Dell Farm in order to carry over that legacy, as well as expand its use to include much more agricultural activity, including a large variety of garlic, berries and fruits, as well as many vegetables. We also hope to raise animals including chickens, guineas, Babydoll sheep and American Guinea Hogs.

Some of our purposes include:

  • To produce high quality, nutritious food
  • To promote health and well-being in our community
  • To actively increase productivity and health of the ecosystem
  • To be a source of educational and research information
  • To be a multigenerational homestead that approaches self-sufficiency
  • To be a primary source of income for all households living on the homestead

“We” are the eight Thorns – Steve & Jan, Nancy, and Mike & Annie and three grandchildren.  We spent much of the summer of 2021 starting this venture and moving our families into the two houses at Maple Dell Farm, and are well on our way to seeing the farm thrive!