Spring peepers

The chicks we purchased about 5 weeks ago are growing like… chicks do. Nancy built a mobile nursery for the little ones, and has been moving it every couple days. They seemed to appreciate the heat lamp the last couple nights it went down near freezing, but don’t seem to mind the 40s temperatures early …

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The Real Us

In Mark 16, the apostle relates his account of the disciples’ reactions to Jesus’ resurrection. It’s an unusual account according to modern standards, not glamorizing the event or retelling so as to place them in good light. Instead, Mark – similar to the other accounts – doesn’t hesitate to “keep it real” by exposing the …

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We never anticipated waiting until January 22 to close on the property after our offer was accepted back in October. And we’re still not living in our house, but instead, a temporary apartment 45 minutes away, through March. And there’s so much more to do before we are officially residents of Maple Dell Farm.